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RO Water and Your Food

Water is essential for the cooking of food. If you are using normal saline water to cook food, your food will definitely need more spices. The cooked food will be dull in colour, using more inflammable energy. With the use of mineral water cooking, we save money, time, spices, and inflammable gases due to reduced cooking time.

RO water and your skin and hair

Water does an excellent job of beautifying the skin and hair from the outside as well as the inside. Water is used whenever we bathe, wash our hands or face, or shampoo our hair. For these purpose, the water we use should be soft. When hard water comes in contact with our skin, it leaves behind a white filmy residue which leads to redness and irritation of the skin.Hard water can leave behind minerals in the air that can alter its true color. When using hard water, one requires more soap while bathing. For this reason, it is always advisable to use soft.Shampooing with soft water leaves hair clean and smooth with a lustrous shine.

Why RO Water?

Due to climatic changes, draughts, industrial wastes & alarming levels of salinity sources like rivers, catchments and reservoir systems are under dire stress resulting in the deteriorating water quality day by day.

Due to the increased pollutants, river water is getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria and viruses.Since the rivers are not able to fulfil the drinking water demands, municipal corporations supply water from ground-wells, which generally contain high levels of dissolved impurities (Hard & Khaara water).
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